Mineral Exploration

The exploration starts by looking for interesting exploration zones and by the sampling in geological areas that seem to have an interesting mineral potential. The searches are conducted in order to discover minerals. Behsam can provide all the services needed in the below mentioned exploration fields:
•Exploration project management
•Exploration and drill planning, drill spacing studies, sampling protocol definition
•Property and project evaluations, assessments, and audits
•Regional tectonic and metallogenic syntheses to provide context for province selection, property acquisition and project generation, including ranking of exploration targets for specific deposit styles or commodities
•Detailed structural analysis, from basin- to ore deposit-scale, emphasizing 4D (3D+time) controls on mineralization
•Advanced geophysical and geological interpretation of remote sensing data
•Deposit-scale structural evaluation to define geotechnical domains and hydrogeological controls
•Exploration risk evaluations
•Geophysical modeling/enhancement processing/data visualization